Monday, July 8, 2013

Health Insurance Products in India

Cheap health insurance is not only useful to the insurer but also to his/her family. Usually, it covers adequate in-patient and out-patient services. Some policies cover an individual and some covers their entire family. For different health conditions, different policies are designed to fulfill your expectations.

An affordable health insurance policy makes you free form medical expenses when you are not well and the savings amount seems to be lesser for treatment. All expenditures like medicine bills, doctor's fee, medical test expenses etc to be done by this policy. This financial plan helps in certain circumstances when something unfortunate happens with you.

Health insurance policies are of two types, the first one is Managed Care plan and the other is Indemnity Plan in which the fee for medical services is already included. The only and major difference between these types are including the choices provided by the companies, the amount of the expenses that which is to be paid by the insurer and the services covered by these policies.

Some plans give you a freedom to choose a physician of your choice,, given they are a member of HealthMaintenance Organization's network. Few plans offer a certain discount on medical visits and in case of hospitalization, insurer will have no limit on deductibles.

In some policies, you don't have to select a physician and no deductibles are available if admitted. You need to pay extra bucks if policy holder visit a hospital is not a part of service provider's network.
Consider all the kinds of treatment that your family requires and then compare the various offers provided by these plans. After doing these few things, you'll be ready to select the coverage level to fulfill your family member's requirements.
Many leading insurance companies like ICICI Lombard, LIC, Bharti AXA etc serves several beneficial insurances plans related to medical help and health care both.

Before buying any plan, you must read all the terms and conditions. So that you will receive more benefit from these plans. Before purchasing any cover, it is important to know the best insurance cover available in the market.

As we all know, medical bills are always expensive and hence, most people buy the best online health insurance plan to cover their medical bills.


  1. The sanitation and cleanliness facility in India is not good. So that's why if you are planning a health insurance cover you have to pay some hefty part of your income?

    William Martin

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  2. The best part of post is " Health insurance policies are of two types, the first one is Managed Care plan and the other is Indemnity Plan ". Its hard to understand these queries for a new one who wants to talk a health insurance plans. Here You suggest some of companies who provides health insurance. Here I would like to say I have joined HDFC ERGO health insurance plans last year & I am satisfy with HDFC ERGO policies. So its my recommendation to others to be a part of HDFC ERGO health insurance policies.

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  4. Shop marketplace Florida: Individual insurance quotes can dissent per age, gender, and geographical area. Some individual policies mechanically embody maternity advantages for females at intervals a particular age span although they are doing not want or would like the coverage.

  5. Family health insurance buyers have risen grown day by day. Health Insurance is a cover - given by an insurance company - which pays for the hospitalization expenses at a particular premium (cost), in case of a sudden illness, accident, surgery, or in case of other ailments covered under the policy. However, if you've never had health insurance, or even if you have, choosing the right coverage for you and your family is very important.

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